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Index of Admission to and Discharges from Poor Law Union Workhouses, 1836-1900

Using the Gateway to the Past online catalogue to locate workhouse records

To explore the records of a particular Poor Law Union from your own desk go to the Gateway to the Past home page ( If you get stuck there is a help page attached to each page in Gateway to the Page. If you are still having problems please contact one of our offices for assistance.Note: Links to external sites will open in a new tab or window.

Step 1 – making a search

Click on Detailed searches; click on Collections Search; in the Title box enter (union name, e.g. Seisdon); click on CollectionType and select Poor Law Unions from the drop-down menu, then click on Search. This gives you a hit-list.

Step 2 – opening the collection description

Click on the number in the right-hand column to open the collection description.

Step 3 – browsing the collection catalogue

Click on the tree symbol at the bottom of the entry to open the collection tree. To open up a branch of the tree click on the tree symbol beside its name and keep digging down to find individual items. To view a particular record click on it's folder symbol.

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We are pleased to acknowledge the work of the many members of the Staffordshire Record Office Volunteer Group who have contributed to this index.